Henni & Andy


My name is Henni Lehtiranta and I've been breeding silver miniature poodles in a small scale for the last eight years. My first litter was born in 2001. I live in the countryside, in a small town called Pernajan Vanhakylä near Porvoo, with my family. Our family consists of my partner Ari, who's also into dogs, our child Arttu and a pack of dogs and three Rex rabbits.

I got into dogs at a very young age, first taking care of a Bichon Frise and several other dogs in our neighborhood before getting my very own dog in the age of 13. She was Nessi (Olympia), who later became the mother of my first litter. Nessi can still be found behind every puppy bred under the prefix Olymbinar's. The prefix was found in 2000, and in the same year I got my second dog, a phantom bitch called Bina (Greyfun's Binary Bijou). Together Nessi and Bina formed the name Olymbinar's.

Since the very beginning I've been into agility, IPO and mondioring, and also gotten familiar with area search and search and rescue (SAR DOG). Therefore my poodles soon got themselves a "bigger little sister" when Belgian Tervueren Ami (Atila van de Duvetorre) joined our pack in 2001. Ami is co-owned with my father Jukka, and still lives with my parents. In 2005 I got another Belgian, this time a Malinois bitch called Rene (Mecberger Fidelma). This breed will always be a part of my life beside poodles.

I had been dreaming of a black miniature poodle for years, and the right puppy came along in 2007 when Elli (Lifelong Eternal Joy) moved in. Since my older poodles are already enjoying their "golden veteran years", Elli will be my new friend in agility and obedience - and of course we'll be seen in show rings too.

Ari also has three dogs - two Bouviers and a promising, young Malinois male, who will hopefully become a mondioring dog when he grows up. You can find more info on all of our dogs under the "My Dogs" link.

I've always had rabbits and other pet rodents, even before I got my first dog, but right now I only have the three Rex rabbits. I also have some blue and blue sable rabbit litters occasionally.
Puppies playing
My goal with poodles is to breed healthy and good-tempered dogs. I want the poodle to be a versatile, steady and outgoing companion who brings joy to his owners whether as a so called "couch potato", a show ring conquer or perhaps an agility or obedience star. As I also enjoy going to dog shows, I'd like my puppies to look like proper poodles. Beside these traditional hobbies, some Olymbinar's dogs have also taken part in unofficial lure coursing competitions, flyball and therapy dog work. There aren't that many silvers around - in any size or country - and so far I have imported three dogs to broaden the available lines here in Finland. Four Olymbinar's puppies have also been exported to other countries, even as far as the USA.

I hope you enjoy your visit on my website, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions on my dogs or future plans.